Split Dee
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Split Dee

Sizes: 25mm, 20mm, 15mm, 12mm in Nickel, Antique Brass & Gold - also 38mm Nickel, 35 mm Antique Brass and 30mm Gold
Qty SIZE COLOUR Description Price
38mm Nickel Split Dee, 38mm, Nickel $1.70
38mm Antique Brass Split Dee, 38mm, Antique Brass $1.70
25mm Nickel Split Dee, 25mm, Nickel $0.80
25mm Antique Brass Split Dee, 25mm, Antique Brass $0.60
25mm Gold Split Dee, 25mm, Gold $0.60
20mm #12 Nickel Split Dee, 20mm, Nickel $0.80
20mm #12 Antique Brass Split Dee, 20mm, Antique Brass $0.60
20mm #12 Gold Split Dee, 20mm, Gold $0.50
15mm Nickel Split Dee, 15mm, Nickel $0.30
15mm Antique Brass Split Dee, 15mm, Antique Brass $0.30
15mm Gold Split Dee, 15mm, Gold $0.50
12mm Nickel Split Dee, 12mm, Nickel $0.30
12mm Antique Brass Split Dee, 12mm, Antique Brass $0.30
12mm Gold Split Dee, 12mm, Gold $0.50

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