About Us

GDL Trading NZ specializes in leatherworking tools, hardware & leather accessories. View our wide range of leather products and accessories are available right here on our website.

Company History

GDL Trading NZ was originally founded by Jim Grut over 20 years ago. When the business came up for sale about 3 years ago, we listened attentively as the business broker described the history and background of the previous owner, without actually divulging his name. As the broker continued telling the business story, I had a hunch the previous owner sounded remarkably like someone I knew 30 years ago. That hunch proved correct and the sale assured.

Since taking over, my wife and I have continued to fortify the business and looked at leveraging new ways to market it. We bring a sincere interest in other people’s business stories and a genuine desire to help our clients find whatever it is they’re looking for. We will ‘walk the talk’ when it comes to going that extra mile. Together, we bring many years of marketing and business administration experience and a strong desire to grow GDL Trading.

Mission Statement

Many of our clients run small cottage industry-type businesses. They are always thinking about how they can create a point of difference in their product lines. Aside from the practical functionality of some of our leather products, others are unique and unlikely to be found in any of New Zealand’s generalist, hardware supply stores. GDL Trading fills the niche requirement, for a refined and specialised supplier to a broad range of industries who all benefit from leather, leatherworking tools, hardware & leather accessories.

Thus, our mission is:

“To be front-of-mind as New Zealand’s primary source of craftsman-type products, tools and specialist supplies to the manufacturing and creative industries.”

Good Old-Fashioned Values

These days, a lot of business is conducted online where it is hard to really demonstrate, good old fashioned values. For us, these are the fundamental premise upon which we do business.

Call us ‘old-school’, but we really value such characteristics as:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Respect and
  • Initiative
We promise to always do business in an open, honest and respectful manner and to do our very best to help our customers in whatever way we can.   

We aim to be your partner in the leather, leatherworking tools, hardware & leather accessories industry.


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